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Shadow Shopper Review: Mystery Shopper

Shadow Shopper Review

Shadow shopper review will give you an insight to a company that you can subscribe to that will provide you a list of legitimate mystery shopping organizations or independent contractor assignments.

Shadow Shopper Review: Scam or Legit?

Many scam websites refer to Shadow Shopper as a scam and I would have to disagree. I have personally used Shadow on several occasions to get assignments. It is important to understand the business model of Shadow Shopper. As stated on their website they are the “” of Mystery Shopping. Their mission can be summarized as follows:

  • 1.Shadow Shopper locates legitimate jobs or assignments
  • 2. Shadow Shopper validates and organizes the jobs or assignments onto their job board.
  • 3. You get notified of new jobs as a member of Shadow Shopper
  • 4. You get enhanced benefits based on your membership level with Shadow Shopper.

Is there a Fee to sign up for Shadow Shopper?

This Shadow Shopper review does reveal the fact that  you will have to pay a small fee to sign up to have access to the service. The fee, however does give you access to all available assignments within the mystery shopping organization.

In my opinion the complete access to various companies under one umbrella, As revealed in this Shadow Shopper review, and the quality and quantity of assignments that you will have access to makes it well worth the investment.

Question: You may ask, why not just use Goggle or the Internet to find assignments.

Answer: Searching the Internet to find legitimate mystery shopping assignments is very time-consuming, and you will have to apply to each individual company prior to finding out if they have assignments available.

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With this Shadow Shopper review I have revealed how you will have the opportunity to see the assignments individual businesses have listed and available before hand and then you have the option of applying to the business of interest or assignments of interest.

Cover of "MYSTERY SHOPPING: 2-Volume Set&...
Cover of MYSTERY SHOPPING: 2-Volume Set

Cost and type of Assignments with Shadow Shopper

I personally had success with Shadow shopper, they did offer a free trial and if I did not cancel I was charged a 9.95 fee or something like that,  in so many days. I actually did not mind the fee since Shadow Shopper did give me access to various assignments I could pick and choose from. In my opinion the service was worth it. I was able to sign on with several different companies as an independent contractor or paid employee.

Assignments may include visiting gas stations, and observing and reporting on the cleanliness of the store, the parking lot, the personnel, etc. Other assignments may include going to a store and putting up stock that came in such as greeting cards, merchandise, etc.

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